3 Key Factors to Consider for Your New Kitchen Countertop

Beautiful Kitchen with Custom Countertops in Charleston

There’s a lot more than the aesthetic value that goes into choosing the right kitchen countertop.

Your kitchen is a work space in itself and is also considered a design focal point. You’ll need a countertop that keeps up with your lifestyle and personal needs.

With the number of choices available in the market, deciding which one to go for can prove to be overwhelming.

To help you narrow down your choices, focus on these three determining factors – functionality, material, and cost.


One way to identify which among the various kitchen countertops is best suited for you is to think about your daily activities.

Durable finishes like engineered stone or solid surfacing are best for a family friendly kitchen. Stainless steel tops, on the other hand, will do well in a busy kitchen where hygiene is of utmost priority. A marble work surface, on the other hand, can be useful in a baker’s kitchen.

Another thing to consider under functionality is your choice of sink. Quartz, marble, and granite countertops are among those that can accommodate an under mount sink.

On the other hand, you will need to choose concrete or solid surfacing if you are considering an integrated sink. By joining two slabs together, the natural stone can also be fashioned into integrated sinks, a known way of dealing with soapstone.

Material Type

There are a lot of kitchen countertop materials available in the market and among the popular ones are granite and marble.

Granite is a common favorite as it’s versatile and highly durable. You can have it in gloss or matte to complement other finishes in your kitchen. However, note that this material requires additional care to keep it looking good. It needs regular resealing to protect its surface from stains and damages.

Marble countertops, meanwhile, are highly durable and can add significant value to your property. Several colors are also available for added customization. One concern, though, is that this countertop material can easily be damaged by acids. Be careful when dealing with liquids or substances with high acid content, such as cleaning products.

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from business or residential surfacing specialists before taking your final pick. Discuss your particular concerns so the team can also direct you to the best kitchen countertop choices.


Kitchen countertops vary in price but don’t let the initial cost hold you back. Take a look at the bigger picture and prioritize durability over short-term relief on your pocket.

After all, investing in a quality kitchen that will last you for many years is wiser than purchasing a cheap alternative, only to see it in need of repair or replacement sooner than you expected.

In case you’re tight on budget, consider post form tops. Post form tops are simple enough to install and are easy to order. Another affordable option is concrete, which is best installed by an expert.

There are kitchen surfacing suppliers that also offer installation services. You may want to get your supplies from them so you no longer have to hire laborers for the job.

Ready to give your kitchen a facelift?

Make sure you are choosing the right kitchen countertop. Focus on the purpose you need your countertop to satisfy and then look for that material that suits your budget. For further assistance, contact residential surfacing experts near you.


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