5 Benefits of Using Stones for Your Fireplace Surrounds

It’s hard not to notice a fireplace as you walk into a room. Whether it be big or small, a fireplace, no doubt, commands attention. And since it’s bound to draw eyes, you want to ensure that your fireplace is visually-pleasing and reliable.

There are various materials that you can use for your fireplace but a stone stands out because of its timeless appeal. Installing a stone fireplace in your home, regardless the design theme you’re following, is sure to add interest to your living space.

One of the major decisions you’ll make when designing a fireplace is choosing a material for its surrounds. A stone fireplace surround is a popular choice among homeowners for many good reasons.

On this post, we’ll look into reasons why you may want to as well consider stone surrounds for your fireplace.

  1. Inviting appeal. A stone fireplace projects a warm, cozy atmosphere. Using natural stones in constructing your fireplace also gives it a distinct look. Natural stones can also help retain heat from your fireplace. It radiates heat longer than other materials, which means you can enjoy a warmer room for a longer period. You can stay comfortably in your living space long after the fire has subsided.
  2. Opportunity to customize. A natural stone fireplace can be customized to work with any specific design you want. With the wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from, there’s almost no limit to the look you can create for your fireplace surrounds. Professional stone fireplace installers can help you achieve the results you want, all while ensuring quality workmanship.
  3. Durability. Stone is a sturdy construction material. It’s possible for your stone fireplace surrounds to last as long as or even outlast your home. With proper installation, your fireplace will need very minimal repair in the years to come. You also don’t need to be a pro to restore your fireplace luster should it start to collect dust and soot. It’s best, though, to ask for fireplace cleaning tips from your contractor to ensure you’re using the right method and products.
  4. Design consistency. If you are already using stones for your kitchen countertops, backsplash, or any surfacing, then using stones for your fireplace will tie the overall look of your home. You can create a consistent look for your home’s interior and exterior design. Plus, if there is any other portion of your home you want to remodel and replace with stone as a building material, you can work with your fireplace installer to take care of the project for you.
  5. Increasing home value. Using stone for your fireplace surrounds can also be an advantage for your home’s resale value. Most home buyers appreciate the unique and elegant appeal of a stone fireplace. This can help add value to your property come the time you decide to sell it. And since a stone fireplace also carries a timeless beauty, you can feel confident yours will continue to draw admiration from visitors for many years to come.

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