7 Reasons to Use Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops continue to be a sought-after design element in any home. It’s common to see this renovation material anywhere you go, even in commercial spaces. Granite transforms a place from simple or boring to elegant and fun. Room functionality is also enhanced.

And while this natural stone may be among the costly items you’ll be investing in for your renovation, the good thing about granite is it can as well easily outlast all the other materials in your checklist. That said, here are more advantages of using granite counters for your home.

  1. Durable. Granite countertops are tough and hard-wearing. It won’t scratch or get damaged as easily as other countertop materials. Tap dance on top of your granite counters and it won’t chip or show signs of wear. Bring drinks and fruits anytime you want to your kitchen as granite surfaces are also stain-resistant. To extend the lifespan of your granite counters even further, be sure to seal them regularly.
  2. Bacteria-resistant. Prepare and serve food in your kitchen with confidence. Granite countertops are porous. But even so, they’re easy to keep clean. Wipe away the spills or messes with a dishcloth and you’re good to go. You also won’t need special cleansers as warm water and mild dish soap should be enough.
  3. Kid-friendly. If your little ones love helping you in the kitchen, you need not worry about stains or spills. Granite, as a countertop material, is stain-resistant. Use your counters as homework area after all the food preparation. Don’t be afraid to let friends and family experiment in your kitchen. A granite countertop will hold up despite exposure to hot pans and pots.
  4. Natural-looking. Granite’s beauty comes from its unique, natural patterns. Since granite is mined, it’s impossible to find slabs that look exactly alike. You can choose from the wide variety of colors and patterns to dress up your kitchen. After tumbling and polishing, granite looks all the more attractive and elegant. As you walk into your kitchen throughout the day, you’ll also notice how your counter beautifully changes its appearance. The lighting makes small crystals in the granite reflect.
  5. Flat and firm. Granite as counters gives you a flat working surface so you can prep food conveniently. Bake with ease as space allows for perfect cutting. And since granite counters have a firm shape, it will be steady enough to endure any cooking procedure.
  6. Easy to repair. In the unlikely event that your granite counters chip, this can be resolved in no time. Call your professional natural stone supplier and installer to help you repair your granite countertop.
  7. Enhances the value of your kitchen. Granite is a timeless kitchen countertop material. Should you plan to sell your home in the future, your granite counter will help add value to your kitchen. The elegant, luxurious look of your kitchen adds to its appeal, making it more interesting to prospective buyers.

Go eco-friendly and bring the beauty of outdoors indoors by using natural stones such as granite for your kitchen countertops. Visit local stone surfacing suppliers so you can personally see granite swatches and patterns available.

At Universal Marble and Granite, we offer high-quality granite stones for home or commercial use. Tell us how you want your newly-renovated kitchen to look and we’ll help you pick an ideal stone surfacing choice. Call us today at (843)767-7779.


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