[Infographic] 5 Factors to Look For in a Professional Stone Supplier

factors to look for in a professional stone supplier charleston sc

Regardless the size of your project, you need to know you’re working with a reliable natural stone supplier.

The quality of the stones and the installation can impact the project results. It’s imperative to look into your options carefully. To help you in choosing a stone supplier in your area, take note of these five factors.

1. Industry Experience

In a competitive industry, longevity says a lot. The stone supplier in Charleston, SC may have been in the industry for many years or its employees have been in the field for decades. It can also be a combination of the two, which works even better for you.

A company that has decades of experience in supplying and installing natural stone has already established their reputation among their clients. This means you can also enjoy the benefits of the good relationships they have fostered with their business partners. You can be confident you’ll be provided superior quality products at great prices.

Another advantage of working with long-standing companies is that you can ensure they’ll be around should you have project concerns in the future. While newer companies may have offers you find tempting, they may not have the skills or industry experience required to complete your project successfully.

2. Product Selection and Services Variety

Look for a stone surfacing supplier that offers you a variety of product options – from various stone patterns to edges. Ensure as well that you’re working with a team that could assist you with the installation. It will be easier if you can access everything you need from a single supplier. This can also mean enjoying better prices for your bulk orders.

If you need stone fabrication services, there are also stone suppliers like us at Universal Marble and Granite that does this for their clients. From kitchen countertops, backsplashes, shower and bathrooms, vanity sinks, fireplace surrounds and a lot more, we work with clients to ensure a quality installation. Interior or exterior application, we can cover it for you.

3. Amazing Customer Service

You want a pleasant experience throughout and it helps a lot if your stone supplier ensures you have everything you need in check. Sales representatives and customer service professionals should be able to help to you identify the best natural stone to use for a specific application. They should also be able to assist you in finding out the estimated cost of the project you’re considering.

See about their turnaround time when responding to your concerns. Completing your project in a timely manner should be among their priorities. It should be a positive experience for you right from your first call, email, or showroom visit. A friendly and professional service makes any project a lot manageable.

4. Location and Delivery Services

If your project is in South Carolina it pays to hire stone fabricators and installers that are also based in the area. Stone products and equipment will have to be moved from their headquarters to your home or project site. It will be more efficient if the team can drive to your place in no time. This minimizes the risk of the project taking longer than usual because of delivery concerns. In the event that you need to pick up products or go to the showroom, it will also be more convenient for you than if you have to travel long distances.

5. Fair and Honest Pricing

Using natural stones in designing your home or commercial property can be costly at initial look. However, long as you’re using a surfacing material that is best suited to your needs, chances are you’ll be enjoying your investment for many years to come. Of course, it’s crucial that only superior quality products are used and that installers know exactly what to do.

If you’re curious as to the price of your project, you can request a custom quote from natural stone suppliers. You can also visit their showroom for further information on products and services that they offer. This also gives you the opportunity to gather recommendations on the type and quantity of materials you will need.

Working with a Trusted Natural Stone Supplier and Installer

Universal Marble and Granite has been serving residences and businesses alike in Charleston, South Carolina for over 30 years. We’ll be more than happy to help you with all your stone surfacing needs. Meet our friendly and professional team. Schedule your free home consultation today.

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