Is a Marble Kitchen Countertop Right for You?

using marble for your kitchen countertop

Is it a good idea to use marble for your kitchen countertops?

Marble is well-loved for its undeniable beauty. It’s an elegant, timeless natural stone and is more affordable too compared to other materials. But you’ll want to know its advantages and disadvantages before installing it.

Here we’ll talk about what you can expect from a granite countertop. Let’s get started.

  1. Marble is porous. Marble is more porous than granite. This means it is more prone to staining. You need to be very careful when working with juices, oils, and wines. When your marble countertop comes in contact with any of these substances, it will incur marks which can be difficult to remove. This is why marble surfaces are often described as high-maintenance.
  2. Marble is vulnerable to scratches. Marble is softer than other natural stones. Sharp knives and metals can scratch its surface. Its corners may also chip when hit by heavy mugs or pots. You’ll want to ensure using cutting boards or butcher’s blocks when preparing ingredients. You’ll also need to avoid leaning against your marble countertops if you’re wearing metal accessories.
  3. Marble is more affordable than other options. Marble can be a cost-effective choice, depending on the type you buy. It comes in a lower price range as it’s more readily available. It’s easier to find marble stones in stores. If you’re going for rare marble types, the price can go higher. Request for a custom quote from your natural stone supplier and installer so you can check the cost against your budget.
  4. It’s resistant to heat. Marble is wonderful if you’re into baking. It is heat-resistant so it remains cools. It can withstand exposure to high temperatures but still, you’ll want to avoid placing hot pots or pans directly on the surface. Marble surfaces can still get burned or discolor.
  5. It’s a beautiful addition to your kitchen. There’s no doubt marble is visually-striking. That is you’ll search for marble kitchen countertops, it’s hard not to save every single image. It looks perfectly polished and elegant and is easy to incorporate into your kitchen design regardless the theme you’re following.

The bottom line about using marble surfaces

Marble may not be ideal if you’re the type of kitchen owner that wants everything easy to clean.

Stains and spills won’t go away with just simple wiping. It’s crucial to be careful when working with substances that are notorious for leaving marks behind. Liquids can penetrate marble stones very quickly.

Marble also requires regular sealing to keep it looking good. It pays to have professionals do this for you to ensure only the right method and materials are used. Although you may be paying less for your marble kitchen surfaces, like any homeowner, you’ll want it to last for many years.

If your kitchen is bound to endure heavy use, you may want to think twice before going for marble countertops.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to handle the extra work and also won’t mind seeing scratches, chips, or stains along the way, then marble kitchen surfaces should work great for you.

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