Tips to Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertop Color

Your kitchen countertop is a huge investment in itself. Once you are done deciding which material to use, the next step is to choose a color. Several factors can impact your decision. The design theme of your kitchen, your personal preference, as well as the gravity of work your kitchen will endure will all need to be factored in.

Though you probably already have an idea of the color you want, making the final say can be daunting, as the case with many homeowners. For one, countertop materials, such as granite, come in various shades. Your choice of countertop color is also something you’ll be living with for many years.

To help you filter your choices for a kitchen countertop color, here are 6 questions to ask yourself.

1. Is this color something I’ll want for a long time?

Color trends come and go. So before you decide to adapt to what’s in, ask yourself if you see yourself still loving the same countertop color even after many years. Your personal taste may also change over time. Consider as well that it’s easier to change paint colors of your cabinet or another kitchen features than remove and install a new kitchen countertop.

2. Do I want matching or contrasting colors?

Color coordination is a must when designing your kitchen. You want your countertops, cabinets, and even accessories work well together. You can either choose the same color and play with different shades for your kitchen. Or you can also go for a more daring design and experiment with contrasting colors. You want to be careful though with the use of strong colors as they can be too overwhelming. Look into samples first to give you an idea how the combination will look like once they’re installed.

3. Are there slab patterns or designs that I can choose from?

If a matching or contrasting color combination is too much for you, you can instead look into swirls or patterns on stone slabs. Instead of investing in an absolute countertop color, you can go for stones in a neutral color with patterns or swirls that match other features in your kitchen. For instance, there are white natural stone slabs that come with orange lines or veins. Paying a visit to the supplier showroom will give you a better idea of possible color

4. How do I plan to accessorize my kitchen?

For your kitchen countertop, you want a color that offers design flexibility. If you’re planning to accessorize your kitchen with patterned fabrics or upholstery, choosing a solid color for your kitchen countertop is ideal for achieving balance. Going for neutral colors will also give you more leeway in terms of accessorizing your kitchen. On the other hand, if you want to keep everything simple and are not looking into adding ‘pops of color’ as you accessorize, then choosing countertops that come with natural patterns may help add interest to your kitchen design.

5. Do I want to make my kitchen appear bigger?

If you have a small kitchen and are looking to make it appear bigger, going for a light-colored countertop can help. Light colors make boundaries or lines appear less obvious, hence making an area look more spacious. Dark colors, meanwhile, add emphasis to boundaries, especially when used together with light colors. This can make your kitchen look smaller.

6. How much natural lighting does my kitchen enjoy?

Consider the type of lighting available in your kitchen. If your kitchen enjoys adequate natural lighting, you may want countertops with light veins or patterns. You can also go for dark colors since there is enough lighting to allow you to work on your countertops comfortably. To add more drama to your countertops, see about installing recessed lighting. This will make veins or patterns on your countertop look more prominent.

Need further help choosing the best kitchen countertop color?

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